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Credit union reaps Bowman’s crop

Credit union reaps Bowman’s crop


There is the popular saying that you reap what you sow. That may be the case with the Kingstown Cooperative Credit Union.

In 1995, Felix Bowman became the first person to be awarded a KCCU scholarship. He proceeded to the St. Martin’s Secondary, followed by a stint at the Community College. Bowman did Chemistry, Physics, and Maths at Advanced Level. He has since taken up duties with SVG Coding Services, but in the spirit of cooperation, Bowman has made some of his training accessible to the KCCU. Michael John, KCCU’ s Director, paid homage to Bowman when he outlined the benefits of the new website.

John looked forward to the days when members could be able to stay at home and conduct business with the KCCU, and he commended Bowman whom he disclosed developed the site.