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Canadian church group sowing seeds in SVG

Canadian church group sowing seeds in SVG


A Canadian group, Seeds International is hoping for a crop of God-fearing young Vincentians over the next ten years. And they are not waiting until 2016 to start their programme.

This mission is forward thinking and full of positive action.

Their aim is to ensure that the next generation recaptures the spirit of Christ. Over the past four years, a number of persons from Seeds International have been coming to St. Vincent and the Grenadines. {{more}}This year has been no exception. They have been working through the Youth Affairs Department with Assistant Youth Affairs Officer Philcol Jeffers coordinating the exercise.

The contingent of 40 volunteers is made up of young people selected by pastors of different churches. The volunteers conducted their programme in primary schools where they concentrated on Grade Four students.

Gordon O’Coin of Seeds International described their mission as “changing a generation of youngsters.” He regarded the opportunity to work here as “something positive for the nation.”

He looked at the venture as “building relationships,” and anticipated a deepening of the relationship between the children and their instructors.

Fellow volunteers Freda Steeves and Sandy Taylor accompanied O’Coin on a visit to the Searchlight.