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VINLEC supports community efforts

VINLEC supports community efforts


On Monday 27 March Joanne Richards, representing the St. Vincent Electricity Services Limited (VINLEC), handed over to Donald DeRiggs, Director of Rainbow Radio League (RRL), a modern multimode transceiver to be placed on the Grenadine island of Mayreau. Vivienne Shaw, Executive Secretary of VINLEC and Mr. Albert Browne, President, RRL also witnessed the handing over.

The equipment valued at US$1,420 includes a HF/VHF/UHF transceiver with matching automatic tuner, VHF marine antenna, VHF marine handie talkie and a 12 volt regulated power supply.{{more}} This equipment will be used mainly for Disaster Management (DM) and Search and Rescue (SAR) activities. Amerijet International, through its local agents BMC agencies, shipped the consignment from the United States free of freight charges.

This equipment will enable residents of the island of Mayreau to maintain contact with the outside world when commercial means of communications (cell phones and residential phones) are rendered inoperable by a natural disaster or accident.

The RRL radio crew will now visit Mayreau to effect the installation and train members of the Committee, including VINLEC staff in Mayreau.

President of the RRL, Albert Browne, was elated with the new development and stated that finally the groundwork laid over the last two years has borne fruit with VINLEC’S assistance.