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New CXC programme for next year’s exams

New CXC programme for next year’s exams


After the 2006 Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) exams, the Basic proficiency level will no longer be offered, except in Mathematics, English and Social Studies.

At a press conference held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday March 28, CXC Registrar Dr. Lucy Steward noted that a programme called the “New Secondary Level Programme” is to be introduced next year to ensure that students who do not write their CXC exams at the General proficiency level are at least certified at the new level when they leave school.{{more}}

She pointed out that after much consultation with employers, education officials and parents it was noted that some areas of the curriculum did not adequately train students for the world of work, but were instead more focused on academics.

Dr. Steward revealed that to help refresh the curriculum, the New Secondary Level Programme was introduced to deal with more of the Generic Competencies which entail: Problem Solving, Handling of Conflict, Critical Thinking, Working in Groups, Informed Decision Making, Positive Self Concept and Management of Emotions.

She also noted that Subject Specific Competencies in the New Secondary Programme will tackle areas such as Oral and Written Communication, Ability to Function in a Foreign Language, Mathematical Literacy, Scientific Literacy, Social and Citizenship Skills.

Dr. Steward noted that the new programme is geared towards ensuring that students are better equipped for the society. Scores ranging from 75-100% are graded as “Master”, Scores from 50-74% for “Competent” and 0-49% scores as “Developing Competency.”

She emphasised that with the move toward universal secondary education, the region needs to have a well-educated and trained labour force that possesses knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to compete in the global environment.

The new secondary level programme will offer a cluster of core subjects, including Englsh, Mathematics, Social Studies, Integrated Science and Modern Language.

The first examination for the New Secondary Level Programme will be offered in 2007.