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Conference of Churches meets with Prime Minister

Conference of Churches meets with Prime Minister


General Secretary Gerard Granado of the Caribbean Conference of Churches paid a visit to this country’s Prime Minister on Monday at his office at the Financial Complex building.

The visit was made to update Prime Minister Gonsalves on the recent work of the organisation.

Granado said that his visit was long overdue and that he had promised the Prime Minister a visit to this country.{{more}}

Prime Minister Gonsalves who was elated about Granado’s visit said he will use the information given by him to develop this country and that he admires the great contribution of the CCC to the region.

The CCC is comprised of thirty-three member churches in thirty-four territories across the Dutch, English, French and Spanish speaking territories of the region. The organisation has been serving the people of the region for three decades through its various programmatic initiatives and other mechanisms, striving to be faithful to its mandate, “Promoting Ecumenism and social change in obedience to Jesus Christ and in Solidarity with the poor.” The CCC was founded in 1973.