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British hope to help solve Jackson’s Murder


The killing of Vincentian journalist Glenn Jackson is occupying the attention of at least one overseas diplomat. Duncan Taylor, British High Commissioner to the Eastern Caribbean and Barbados is hoping that his government can help in solving the Glenn Jackson mystery. {{more}}

Jackson, a firebrand personality, regarded as the pioneer of Talk radio here, served as Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves’ Press Secretary and Personal Aide for the past five years.

March 6, 2006, Jackson’s body was found in his vehicle parked on the Cane Garden main road, not too far from his residence.

Three weeks after, there is a deafening silence on Jackson’s death. No one has yet been charged, and persons are beginning to worry that Jackson, who distinguished himself as an outspoken individual, unafraid to highlight issues of concern to the average Vincentian, could be wiped out and the crime remain unsolved.

The Vincentian Police have been combing areas for possible leads into the murder.

Taylor expressed satisfaction that his country was able to send in the Scotland Yard detectives.

“That’s an unusual piece of cooperation,” Taylor disclosed. But he is hoping that the hand of friendship continues to be extended.

“We are generally looking more at cooperating in training and capacity building across the board.”

Taylor is optimistic that his country’s assistance will bear fruit.

“I hope that the help that we have offered will in turn be helpful in bringing that investigation to a conclusion.