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Media Scholarship in Honour of Jackson

Media Scholarship in Honour of Jackson


Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has announced that a scholarship will be awarded in memory of slain Press Secretary and Personal Aide to the Prime Minister, Glenn Jackson. A visibly shaken prime minister made the announcement last Friday soon after his arrival at the E.T. Joshua Airport from his visit to Malaysia and Singapore. {{more}}

“I have already spoken to a benefactor to have a scholarship named in honour of Glenn Jackson in the area of media,” stated Dr. Gonsalves.

He also indicated that another scholarship will be named in honour of the late Unity Labour Party (ULP) Senator Michael Hamlett who died at the beginning of the first term of the ULP government.

Commenting on his press secretary’s death, the Prime Minister lamented, “The fact of the matter is, Glenn is irreplaceable. I just don’t know. Where am I going to get somebody to replace Glenn with all his multi-faceted skills, and his humanity and his feeling and understanding and his joyousness and his laughter?”

Dr. Gonsalves attributed his closeness to the late press secretary to his relationship with Glenn’s mother. The Prime Minister revealed that in August 1967, Glenn’s mother, Yvonne Robin saved his life. Robin was at the time the nurse at the Colonarie clinic. Young Gonsalves had taken in a lot of sea water while saving his younger brother from drowning in the sea. Glenn’s mother took him to the clinic and pumped the water out of him, saving his life.