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Young Leaders Debate Goes to GHS

Young Leaders Debate Goes to GHS


Afeisha Daniel and Vadeesha John, both 14 -year-old fourth form students of the Girls’ High School, talked their way into winning the 2006 RBTT Young Leaders debate on Wednesday March 8 at the Anglican Pastoral Centre. {{more}}

The teams debated the motion, be it resolved, “Respect for the Diversity of Cultures is the Foundation for a Peaceful and Secure Co-existence.” The judges revealed at the end of the debate that it was the style and not the content of the debate which made the Girls’ High School the winners.

With conviction, the opposing first speaker of the Girls’ High School, Afeisha Daniel in her presentation stressed that “respect for the diversity of cultures” was not the only way to bring about peace, but was just part of the solution.

The teenager argued that to believe the notion would amount to wishful thinking.

She noted while terrorists hid behind religion and claimed to be the promoters of peace, they harboured underlying feelings of economic jealousy and bombed those whom they thought were better off and living normal lives.

Sharina De Freitas of the St.Joseph’s Convent Kingstown eloquently conteracted her opponent, and agreeing with the motion, emphasised that because Germans did not respect the Jews, World War Two occurred and the lives of millions of Jews were terminated.

She pointed out that blatant disrespect brought conflict and wars and said if persons had respect for each other’s culture, the fruit of peace would abound. The St. Joseph’s Convent speaker said when people are respected they feel that they are equals and the lack of trust, and exploitation would not occur.

Last year’s winner of the RBTT’s Young Leaders Debate was the Girls’ High School.v