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Literacy Crusade ‘Male Storming’


“Male Storming,” a working session organized and executed by the National Literacy Crusade, came off on the 28th February, 2006 with great success. Over 20 males of diverse backgrounds met at the crusade’s headquarters and looked at conditions and factors impacting male participation and low levels of achievement in educational activities when compared to their female counterparts. {{more}}

Several strategies were highlighted.

However, it was the view of participants that Community Based Organisations should be encouraged throughout the island. The participants also strongly advocated that a national “men’s desk” be introduced to look specifically at issues relating to males. This Unit should be given the same resources and attention as what entailed with the now disbanded women’s desk.

All male participants vowed to have regular monthly meetings to bring attention to the serious issues that are having adverse repercussions on male participation in the society.