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Protocol Awareness Seminars for Public Officers

Protocol Awareness Seminars for Public Officers


Officers within the various ministries and departments of the government service have been engaged in a series of protocol awareness seminars since the end of February. {{more}}

These protocol awareness seminars are geared towards improving the quality of service given to public and increasing the officers knowledge of Protocol. During these seminars, officers will acquire the skills of answering the telephone, proper conduct, respect for authority and dress codes among others.

According to Director of Training Arlene Keane-Browne, the Department is also moving towards incorporating uniformed officers such as the Police, Immigration, and Port Authority workers into the seminars. She however stated that this will take place at a separate protocol workshop planned for the middle of April this year.

Browne also noted there has been a great demand for seminars like these and that the aim is to train all public servants in areas of protocol, starting with the Permanent Secretaries down to the Office Attendants.

The training sessions are being facilitated by Brendon Browne, Cabinet Secretary, Protocol Consultant, and author of the book ‘Protocol and You.’

The next Protocol Awareness Seminar will take place on March 30th commencing at 8:30 a.m. at the Service Commissions Department Training Room.

Some sixty-five participants will be involved in the Protocol Awareness Seminars.