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New Varieties of Cassava to meet Local Demand

New Varieties of Cassava to meet Local Demand


Farmers will now have over 25 different varieties of cassava plants to meet the demand by local cassava processors here.

This will be facilitated through the work of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Taiwan Technical Mission. {{more}}

Recently some 25 different species of cassava were imported from Columbia to start the production process.

On Tuesday SEARCHLIGHT visited the Taiwan Technical Mission at Orange Hill where lab testing was ongoing to analyze the yield potential and sustainability of the new varieties under local conditions.

Rohan McDonald, lab supervisor with the Ministry of Agriculture, is one of the persons behind this study.

“We have imported about 25 different plants from Columbia to see how they can grow here, maybe they can be higher yielding or have a particular taste. Our job is to multiply them in the lab and (transplant them) into the green house,” McDonald said.

Using a combination of solid and liquid medium methods to grow these crops, the plants will be distributed to the Caribbean Development Institute (CARDI) for further research before being distributed among farmers – a process, McDonald mentioned, which would mostly likely take about a year and a half.