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Liberty Lodge Youth president calls for help


Jude Glasgow is president of the Liberty Lodge Young Leaders. He is appealing for the help of fellow Vincentians and indeed citizens from throughout the world. Glasgow’s call came at the launching of his school’s Young Leaders’ Project last Monday morning. He noted that he and his colleagues were longing for a better tomorrow and expressed their desire for a “brighter future.” {{more}}

He admitted that it cannot be a one-sided affair and reiterated the call for listeners to join them in helping to accomplish their mission.

The Liberty Lodge Young Leaders won the 2001 competition, and their Director Michael Akers sees the RBTT project as beneficial to his institution.

He is hoping that his institution’s participation in the venture will send a signal that something worthwhile is happening at the Liberty Lodge Training Centre.

As far as Akers is concerned, this year’s exercise is another opportunity for the Liberty Lodge Young Leaders to learn new skills and discipline.

He is hoping that once the venture helps with moulding the youths’ characters and changing their behaviour, something would have been achieved.