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Grammar School hosts Career Day

Grammar School hosts Career Day


The St. Vincent Grammar School RBTT Young Leaders 2005-2006 (SVGSRYL 2005-2006) Career Day took place at the Kingstown Methodist Church Hall, Last Monday, February 27. A host of Form three students (over 300 total) from several Secondary schools participated in the event. Teachers and parents were also in attendance. {{more}}

The Career Day consisted of two sessions, a seminar in the morning, and career exhibitions in the afternoon. The Morning Session began at 9:15 a.m. with introductory remarks by the President of the SVGSRYL 2005-2006, Daniel Campbell. He stated that the sub-theme produced by the SVGSRYL, “Developing our Nation, Through Positive Action” was aimed at enlightening students and youths in general on aspects of various careers.

Campbell stressed that it is the dream of the young leaders that, “the youth of this nation adopt positive aspirations instead of the negative ones such as becoming the next generation of drug-pushers, thieves, con-artists and slackers. We want to blot out the negative influence that foreign cultures have had upon the ambitions of our nation’s youth. This Career Day will serve as a foundation that we will continue to build upon throughout our young leader term, and beyond.”

Deputy Headmaster of the St. Vincent Grammar School, Nigel Scott, made some brief inspirational remarks. He noted how timely the Career Day was, since the students who attended, except the young leaders, are all third form students. Scott said, “They are on the verge of choosing the field of subjects that they will be doing for the next years as they prepare to sit the ‘O’ Level Examinations. It was precisely this reason why the SVGSRYL chose to invite that particular form.”

Dr. Jules Ferdinand, Glenford Stewart, Dr. Cecil Cyrus and Senator Richard Williams presented the Careers of Business, Science/Engineering, Medicine/Health and Law, respectively.

The afternoon session saw several interesting Career exhibits by delegations of various organisations such as the Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Agriculture, St. Vincent Technical College, and “Dinks” Johnson.