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Cable & Wireless roams with eTopUp


Across 12 countries in the Caribbean, Cable & Wireless pre-paid bmobile customers can now top-up whilst roaming, just like they do at home. This announcement was made on Monday.

With the introduction of Roaming eTopUp from bmobile, customers who are visiting a Caribbean country served by mobile can go anywhere eTopUp is sold, give the retailer their 10-digit mobile number and pay using local currency, and their account will be credited in equivalent home currency. The talk-time can be used while traveling, or once the customer returns home.{{more}}

Additionally, friends, families and colleagues can top-up phones for one another when they are in separate bmobile markets. For example, a father in St. Vincent can top up his daughter’s phone whilst she is living and studying in Barbados. All he would need is his daughter’s 10-digit number.

“This functionality is an important next step in offering seamless service for our customers who travel throughout the Caribbean,” said Paul Hamburger, EVP Commercial for Cable & Wireless Caribbean. “We know that a significant portion of our pre-paid customers travel regularly, either on business or to visit friends and family. However, often when preparing for a trip people don’t remember – or don’t have time – to top up their mobiles. Now they have one less stress – they can top up from their destination by going to any Cable & Wireless store.”

Chief Executive Daryl Jackson states, “Our strategy to let the customer choose the amount he or she wishes to top up has worked well for us. Whether someone has $5 or $100, they can top up with us. This has made airtime more accessible to everyone – no matter how much money they have.”

“This is a great example of the adaptability of our Caribbean customers. They crave convenience and innovation, and we are working hard to deliver it to them, across the board. When we deliver a great product, customers respond,” said Hamburger.