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Bridging gap across the world


Imagine traveling almost half way around the world and establishing contact with a group of what you might call disadvantaged youngsters. That’s the case with Masahiro Kato. He is into the final stages of a two-year programme at the Liberty Lodge Boys Training Centre. {{more}}

He is Youth Activity Officer there and he is thoroughly enjoying his stint. He has found a formed warm relationships with the students there and it is based on mutual respect. Kato is one of several Japanese Volunteers here.

Kato acknowledged that it was “difficult at first.” But he has developed a knack for dealing with the students, and has cultivated camaraderie with the youngsters. He is pleased with the improvement he has seen with the youngsters.

“I feel rewarded. I feel all those boys are my brothers,” Kato said.

He teaches Sports and Computer at the Liberty Lodge Training Centre and sees his role as helping with the youngsters’ “enrichment.”