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Prescod wants more youth in New Kingstown Chorale

Prescod wants more youth in New Kingstown Chorale


Musical genius and founding father of the New Kingstown Chorale Patrick Prescod has two wishes for the 50-year-old singing group.

At a press conference at the Cruise Ship Berth on Tuesday, January 24, Prescod revealed that he wished firstly that more young people would join the group so that the organisation would go on for another decade. Secondly, Prescod wished that the group would reach out and perform for more rural communities.{{more}}

The man of music who reminisced about some of the Chorale’s accomplishments such as their performances at Carifesta, admitted that as a young chap he was always influenced by music in his home, church and community.

He believed that if more young people were similarly influenced by music at a young age, they would be more creative and never give up on their dreams. Prescod revealed that at just 24 years old in 1956 he formed the choir, which then performed at the first Music Festival.

He admitted that he had to share this passion for music with others who had a similar love, hence the formation of then “Kingstown Chorale Group.” He praised the committed members of the choir whom he said many times went beyond the call of duty, notably choir director Jeanne Horne, Public Relations Officer Jennifer Glasgow Browne and Manager Gillian John.

Meanwhile, John who helped to revive the choir in 1983 called on young people who think they have a good voice to try out for auditions. She however cautioned future “Choralites” to have a sense of commitment and dedication when considering joining the group since they would have to attend many practice sessions. John jokingly remarked that while the voices of many of the old members were intact, their ability to “shake their waistlines” to the music was diminishing. She noted that throughout the 50 years some 214 members had passed through the group.

Some of the events planned to commemorate their 50th year include a Valentine Cheese and Wine party at Roy’s Inn on February 14, an anniversary thanksgiving service on April 19th, a homecoming month and 50th anniversary dinner and showcase of their favourite pieces in July and in November the release a of their musical CD and magazine among other things.