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Thompson back as Opposition Leader

Thompson back as Opposition Leader


LAWYER AND FORMER FINANCE MINISTER David Thompson is the new Leader of the Opposition in Barbados.

His appointment was announced by Speaker of the House of Assembly, Ishmael Roett, just before the start of Prime Minister Owen Arthur’s presentation of the annual Economic and Financial Policy Statement on Monday.{{more}}

Thompson, 44, replaces economist Clyde Mascoll, who resigned as both head of the parliamentary Opposition and as a member of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), amidst rifts in the group.

Thompson’s appointment followed a meeting between Governor-General Sir Clifford Husbands, and four DLP Members of Parliament – Thompson (St John), Michael Lashley (St Philip North), Ronald Jones (Christ Church East Central) and Richard Sealy (St Michael South Central).

“Accordingly, His Excellency has appointed the said David John Howard Thompson esquire Leader of the Opposition, with effect from the 16th of January, 2006, and has revoked the appointment of Clyde Athelbert Mascoll esquire as Leader of the Opposition, also with effect from the 16th of January, 2006,” the Speaker said, reading a document he said was signed by Sir Clifford.

Mascoll later told Parliament that he had severed ties with the DLP.

“. . . I rise to let the Parliament of Barbados know that I now sit representing the people, the constituents, of St Michael North West in the capacity as an Independent,” the 46-year-old politician said.

Mascoll was one of seven DLP parliamentarians. Two – Denis Kellman (St Lucy) and Dr David Estwick (St Philip West) – have been supporting him. (Nation)