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restoring positivity and productivity

restoring positivity and productivity


Young Leaders of the Dr. J.P. Eustace Emmanuel Secondary School are seeing their project not only as a competition, but also as an avenue to help others.

This vision has been set out through their personalised motto for the Young Leaders project, entitled, “Enhanced Family Life for an Enhanced Nation.”

Speaking on behalf of her group, President Crystal Bynoe stressed that many times when things occur in the country it is as a result of what is happening within the family.{{more}}

She explained, “If a young lady gets pregnant in school, it is sometimes because there’s something wrong at home. Sometimes it’s because she feels neglected or is not being loved enough, so that’s why we are centering our project from within the home.”

She also noted that all 27 members of the group have agreed to adopt a child from their community who displays some kind of deviant behaviour. She said for the lifetime of the “Little Brother/Little Sister” programme, a member would work with each child to find out the cause of their rebellion and will be working to instil positive values in his or her life. Bynoe also said that throughout the process, students will monitor and record their findings.

The intelligent young lady stated, “We want to help change their life because we know once we change a family, we change a community, our society and nation.”

The team’s move to restore positivity and productivity throughout the country will also come through a blood drive. Public Relations Officer (PRO) Damion McTair noted that this will be a way to awaken public consciousness of the importance of blood donation.

McTair also outlined that the Young Leaders will be producing a song which will be heard at the launch of their programme on Friday January 27 at the Peace Memorial Hall. They indicated that they will also be setting up a website.

The PRO said that he believed the country was built on the foundation of God and family and called on everyone to play their roles to ensure togetherness.

The general theme for the RBTT Young Leaders competition this year is “Shaping the Future, Cherishing Life, Embracing Family Values, Respecting One Another.”

The Dr. J.P. Eustace Emmanuel Secondary School is the first school to win the RBTT Young Leaders project in three consecutive years in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.