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Mr. Trigger Ridge is No.1 radio caller

Mr. Trigger Ridge is No.1 radio caller


‘When the day comes’, there is no better caller to interactive radio programmes than Zekiel “Mr. Trigger Ridge” Samuel.

That’s according to the listeners of local FM radio station 99.9 WE FM. In a poll conducted on air last week, listeners voted Samuel, who is known in radio circles as Mr. Trigger Ridge, as the WE FM No.1 caller for 2005.{{more}}

Thirty three-year-old Samuel revealed that he chose the name Mr. Trigger Ridge as his pseudonym for calling into radio shows because he is a resident of the area in Redemption Sharpes on the outskirts of Kingstown known as Trigger Ridge. He says that the name has caught on so well, even his relatives now call him by the name.

He says he tries to “stick to the issues” when he calls into programs, and normally has on three radios at the same time, so as to keep abreast of what is happening on the different radio stations.

The diminutive man, who is employed as a watchman, and sometimes does agricultural work, says WE FM is his favourite radio station, with ‘Feedback’ hosted by Brenton Milligan and heard on WE FM on Tuesday evenings being his No.1 show.

Samuel expressed delight at winning the award, and says that he will continue to call in to make “his contribution” even though it is quite expensive. He noted that even if it is his “last five dollar,” he makes sure he buys a phone card. He added that he hoped he would be “lucky enough to win the award again this year.”

The No.1 caller edged out local businessman, Freddie Gonsalves who was voted No.2. As Mr. Trigger Ridge himself would say, ‘you keep up the good work,’ Zekiel Samuel.