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Bracken spends, spins and wins with Courts St. Vincent

Bracken spends, spins and wins with Courts St. Vincent


Twenty-nine year-old Roger Brackin of Green Hill is $23,000 richer thanks to Courts St.Vincent Ltd.

The entrepreneur who operates his own car dealership spun the big cash wheel on Monday, January 9, at the store in Kingstown as part of it’s end of year Christmas Draw. {{more}}

Brackin admitted that he had no immediate plans for his winnings and would instead place the money in his bank account. The elated young man said that he had bought a furniture set earlier this year and sent in the required forms to enter the competition.

He explained, “I was home one Saturday afternoon enjoying a pig tail soup when Elli (Elwyn Phillips) called me. I was really surprised and I’m glad I won this cash.”

Meanwhile Marketing Manager Elwyn Phillips noted that Courts St.Vincent Limited was pleased to give back to their customers in a significant way and urged them to continue shopping at the company.

The maximum cash prize was $60,000 while the minimum was $16,000.