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Social Investment Fund tackling poverty in SVG

Social Investment Fund tackling poverty in SVG


The year 2006 will see some reduction in poverty levels, and one institution that is ensuring that this goal is achieved is the Social Investment Fund.

That entity, headed by lawyer Jomo Thomas, handed out EC$50,000 last week Friday December 16. The money will be used by two organisations here. {{more}}They are the Society for Persons with Disabilities, and the House of Hope Society.

Patricia Cumberbatch received the money on behalf of the National Society for Persons with Disabilities. The money allocated to them will be used to set up a Sewing Project for young women.

Cumberbatch disclosed that the Society wanted a “sheltered workshop to generate some means of income for their members.”

The allocation to the House of Hope will strengthen the education programme undertaken by that body.

House of Hope was established in 1999 and one of its main purposes is to take care of persons affected by HIV/AIDS.

Ronnie Daniel, speaking on the House of Hope’s behalf, outlined that their financing, to the tune of EC$20,000 will be geared towards Primary and Secondary School students.

The funds were handed over by Social Investment Fund’s Chief Executive Officer Jomo Thomas. He expressed satisfaction with making the payments 14 months after the setting up of the organisation.