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Dr. Gonsalves signs new stadium contract

Dr. Gonsalves signs new stadium contract


Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves along with members of the National Stadium Committee (NSC) and contractors and architects from the Arup Associates in London signed a contract for the re-design of the National Stadium last Friday at cabinet room.

During the brief ceremony , Prime Minister Gonsalves said the government had signed a contract with local company TVA Architects for the design of the National Stadium two years ago but had terminated the contract because of dissatisfaction with the design. Several attempts were made to correct the designs but these were unsuccessful.{{more}}

Dr. Gonsalves mentioned that he does not want the stadium to be only of a regional standard within the budget, but wants it to be of International quality.

He also stated that earlier this year, the government had established a National Stadium Authority (NSA) by Act of Parliament and hopes it would be operational for the New Year. He also indicated that persons are being trained in Trinidad and Cuba to manage the National Stadium.

Also present at the ceremony was Dipesh Patel, Director of the Project. He said that he is delighted to be working with the Government and the officials of the National Stadium Committee. Patel further added that he wants to deliver a good stadium and his goal is to create a new landmark, that can serve the various sporting activities.