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SVGCA hosts construction meet

SVGCA hosts construction meet


The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Construction Association (the SVGCA) last month hosted a presentation by Patrick Reddin, Chartered Building Surveyor and Honorary Secretary of the Association of Building Engineers (ABE) in England.

The presentation addressed the following issues: possible ways in which the SVGCA can be an affiliate of the ABE; the impact of construction associations on economic growth and competitiveness; Informal Contracts – How to assist small contractors to develop their business.{{more}}

Through affiliation with the SBE, the SVGCA will benefit from Process Design that includes community acceptance of codes and community involvement and community motivation; skills training, capacity-building and accreditation, Audit and Support Verification

The ABE is currently discussing partnership with the University of the West Indies to offer courses in the region.

The SVGCA is currently looking at the establishment of a contractors data base, the training of artisans, supervisors and contractors/managers in the construction industry and the approval of a national building code.