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NCCP: Observe the law!


As Vincentians get ready to exercise their democratic right to vote at the polls, the National Commission on Crime Prevention is encouraging everyone to do so responsibly, observe the law and encourage their fellow citizens to do the same.

“Keep the election crime free,” the NCCP advised in a press release.{{more}}

“Remember, anger leads to conflict, produces stress, hurts friendships and family relationships that can lead to violence,” the NCCP further stated.

The NCCP noted that voting is good for healthy democracy while warning that crimes destroy the democratic process.

Meanwhile, the SVG Human Rights Association calls upon all Vincentians who are eligible to vote to do so on Election Day. But while it encourages young persons who are now 18 and eligible to vote to obtain their ID Cards if they have not already done so, it is using the opportunity to warn persons who have not attained the voting age to refrain from wilfully making any false claim to be included on the Voters’ Register because the offence carries a fine and six months imprisonment.

Employers are also advised that they are bound by the law to give reasonable time to their employees to go and vote on Election Day.

The SVG Human Rights Association states that any employer who refuses to do so, is guilty of an offense and is liable to pay a fine and imprisonment for six months.