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Douglas: I really need help

Douglas: I really need help


If there is an independent woman, Clarice Douglas certainly is that. And if there is an ambitious woman, she is a prime example.

Douglas has endured perhaps more than her share of life’s worries. But she copes with an enormous depth of strength with the misfortunes she has suffered. She is mother and father of two children aged nine years and one year. ##M;[more]##

She returned from Montreal recently, another of those immigrants whose status had not been regularized.

However, Douglas was able to start up a small business operation with money she saved during her Canadian sojourn.

As if her overseas problems were not sufficient, Douglas’ residence, also on the Dark View hill, suffered some damage as a result of the recent rains. She has already started self-help efforts to rectify the problem at her residence and fortify the structure, but she confessed that she needed some help.

“I really need help,” Douglas said.