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Rastafarian delegation commends PM


Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves made a positive move when he took members of the local Rastafarian community with him recently on a trip to the Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, a move that is believed to have paid off both economically and spiritually.

Ras Ian of Barbados expressed these sentiments on Monday at Cabinet Room. Ras Ian was part of a 10 member Rastafarian delegation from Barbados, Grenada and Jamaica who visited SVG specifically to commend Prime Minister Dr. Gonsalves for making this “bold step.”{{more}}

Ras Ian said it was a great occasion for Rastafarians throughout the world, and thanked Dr. Gonsalves for using his office to aid in that regard.

Meanwhile Prince Nnanna of Grenada said the delegates’ two-fold mission to SVG (celebrating with the Rastafarian community in this country and commending Prime Minister Dr. Gonsalves) was very appropriate.

Prince Nnanna thanked Dr. Gonsalves for his “great mind towards grass root people,” and for “opening the avenue to redeem Rastafarians,” noting that no other leader in the Caribbean could take such an honour.

In his response, Prime Minister Dr. Gonsalves said he only “laid the foundation, it is now left for the Rastafarians to build on it.” The Prime Minister said based on this country’s constitution, his government does not discriminate against anyone.

In expressing their gratitude, the Rastafarian delegation presented a medal of honour to Prime Minister Dr. Gonsalves.