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One People, One Vision – theme for Independence


by Kenara Woods

This year Independence month will be celebrated under the theme “One People, One Vision- Celebrating 26 Years as a Nation.” Minister of Tourism, Rene Baptiste, held a press conference last Tuesday in the conference room at the Cruise Ship berth to discuss the events for Independence 2005.

She mentioned that events would run from the 16 – 31 October. Some of those that were mentioned were the concert to be held at the Victoria Park on 22 October featuring living legend, Bunny Wailer of the legendary band, “The Wailers.”{{more}}

Additionally, the National Youth Rally will be held at Victoria Park on the 25th. The rally will showcase what the young people of the nation have to offer. Representatives from all the schools are expected to be present, as the Prime Minister will deliver the Gold award to the highest achiever in this year’s A-level exams. Minister Baptiste said that this is a year that Vincentians would remember for a long time.

Acting Senior Nursing Officer, Audrey Scott was also present at the conference. She said that Tourism and Health Care are linked in every way due to the fact that tourists can come and receive quality treatment until they return to their homeland.

She said the staff of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital would be embarking on a number of activities geared towards improving the quality of care delivered at the institution. Scott noted that there would be a nursing service debating society. She said that some sort of creative means would be implemented to keep the nursing workforce highly motivated so that productivity will be high and the quality of service delivered will be of a high standard, hence the need for the debating society. There will be an Independence debate on the 26th October at the School of Nursing at 9 p.m. held under the theme, “New hospital governance, the way