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Woman of God to present her thesis to SVG library

Woman of God to present her thesis to SVG library


Eunice Nickie-Allicondor is from the North Central Windward district of Park Hill. She is a trained midwife with a mission based on some tenets of the Bible.

She is a Minister at the Shiloh Pentecostal Fellowship in London. With her ongoing training in Theology, Nickie-Allicondor is continuing her work with the guidance of the Almighty. She was home recently and was expected to present her thesis on the ‘Sermon on the Mount’ to the library. {{more}}

The 100,000 word production was based on writings from Matthew Chapters five to seven.

Mother of six, including 20-year-old twins, Nickie-Allicondor is grateful to her parents for the lessons they instilled in her. She especially credits her father Dorson Nickie who gave her a philosophy about life.

He “gave us love; to have a desire,” she mentioned.

“He imbedded in us that we must achieve,” Nickie-Alicondor outlined.

She attended school at the Colonaire Roman Catholic School, converted to a Secondary School this week.

She was a teacher for some under the late Walden Ryan.

But she paid tribute to Jestina Charles who introduced her to the Ministry at the Georgetown Pentecostal church.

Nickie-Allicondor’s interest is “helping people to meet people where they are.”

She was trained at the Bible College in Trinidad and Tobago, which laid the foundation for her Theological sojourn.

Nickie-Allicondor has travelled widely to Sierra Leone and Liberia, where influenced by her spiritual awakening, she has sponsored several children.

Nickie-Allicondor reflected with satisfaction on “being a mother and family woman.” She recalled her childhood days as a classmate of Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves. She acknowledged that they are fulfilling their tasks on different fronts.

Matthew Chapter 7 verse 14: “Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.”