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Sir James says PM leading SVG in wrong direction


Veteran politician Sir James Mitchell has told the supporters of the New Democratic Party (NDP), which he founded over 30 years ago that Vincentians have no confidence in Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves and his Unity Labour Party administration. He was at the time addressing a political rally held at Mt. Bentinck on Saturday 17.

“Every man, woman and child, everybody who could see and understand, know that Gonsalves is definitely not leading this country in the right direction. He and his ULP are a bunch of vipers trying to create a generation of devils,” Sir James stated, before the crowd, which roared its approval.{{more}}

The former Prime Minister promised his support for Elvis Daniel, the NDP’s candidate for North Windward and the New Democratic Party.

Sir James joked about the conditions of the roads leading to North Windward with some political picong.

“Ralph has changed you van drivers into fishermen, because just now all yuh going find tri tri and fish in the roads,” said Sir James, to the gathering which burst in laughter.

“I don’t want to get into this black talk with Ralph, I am colourless. The one thing black Ralph know is blackmail and he want to blackmail all the people of St.Vincent to keep them a second term. All they interested in is power, they not interested in building up a society and giving us the kind of equality we want,” said Sir James.

Sir James congratulated Eustace on the team of candidates that he had found.

The former leader of the NDP further endorsed Elvis Daniel as North Windward candidate and appealed to the constituents to support him.

“You give him all the support, make sure the job is easy, make sure you have something to rejoice!” said Sir James.