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Who’s the real Daniel?

Who’s the real Daniel?


Two Daniels will step into the proverbial Lion’s Den on Election Day, giving constituents of North Windward a choice between two of their own.

Vying for the seat against incumbent Montgomery Daniel of the governing Unity Labour Party (ULP) is newcomer Elvis Daniel of the New Democratic Party (NDP). {{more}}

Elvis hopes to wrestle back the seat that the NDP once held for a record 17 consecutive years.

Last Saturday night, the NDP endorsed their candidate, a lecturer at the Teacher’s College until recently, who resigned his post after 26 years of service to contest the General Elections.

The 44-year-old told the large NDP turnout he had entered the race as the candidate for North Windward because he has an obligation to the people of that constituency.

Elvis described himself as a brave NDP soldier who had prayed for 28 months before finally accepting the challenge.

“I am not here to make any grand promises,” he said.

“Some of you are saying you are dead NDP. I would prefer you to say that you are a staunch NDP supporter. We don’t want you to be dead, we want your vote on election,” said Elvis.

“I am also speaking to some of our supporters who in the excitement of the 2001 elections left us and went over to the other side. But you are back. Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!” he said.