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Had your 8 glasses of water today?


Financial comptroller of Mountain Top Springs Ltd., Ken Da Silva disclosed that in January next year, his company will launch a programme which would see the 500 ml handy bottled water size reduced to 250ml. He explained that the new bottle would be slender and a bit shorter and the water would be sold at $1. He outlined that the new dimensions of the bottle would allow even pre-schoolers to grip the bottle comfortably. {{more}}

Da Silva however noted that until that project is launched, the 500 ml water is now being sold in schools at $1.50, a rate which is cheaper than the sweetened carbonated drinks. Da Silva emphasised that as a responsible corporate citizen they are not trying to compete with the soft drink industry, but are just offering an affordable healthier alternative.

The project will be launched under the theme “Had your 8 today?” and seeks to remind students to drink 8 glasses of water every day.

Mindful of the need to protect the environment, the financial comptroller acknowledged that the promotion might result in more plastic bottles littering the country, but he promised that his company would assist with the clean up. DaSilva pointed out that Mountain Top Springs is currently negotiating with Sprott Brothers Ltd, which has a machine that crushes and exports plastic.