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Jones: We intend to make school the best!

Jones: We intend to make school the best!


Frank Jones the principal of the new Richmond Hill Secondary School, located in the heart of Kingstown, is optimistic about the future of his institution. Jones outlined his feelings last Monday morning on the first day of classes for the 166 students spread over five first forms.

Though the students had their orientation and assembly on Monday, the official ceremonies celebrating both the school’s opening and nation’s attainment of Universal Secondary Education are expected to take centre stage at a rally carded for the Grammar School Playing Field today. {{more}}

Jones, who presides over an 11 member staff, expressed satisfaction with the composition of his staff. He noted that there was work still in progress on the compound, but he acknowledged that “things are being put in place.”

The principal pointed out that workmen were working “speedily” but disclosed: “we are not going to be moping and groping. We intend to make this school the best.”

The Richmond Hill Secondary School is expected to be renamed the Tommy Saunders Secondary, in honour of a former principal who passed away in 2003.

That information was made public by Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves last Monday morning as he moved through the building and spoke to the five new forms.

The Richmond Hill Secondary School was converted from a Primary School. Some opposition was raised when the idea was disclosed that it would be converted to a secondary school. That opposition however appears to have subsided and the change over proceeded in orderly manner.

Principal Jones said the institution would have “a strong emphasis on reverence to God.”

He also praised the efforts of the various government ministries engaged in the construction. Jones also noted that a Parent Teacher Association was already in place and commended the staff for being “mature.”