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Dr. Friday: Neglect should be punished

Dr. Friday: Neglect should be punished


Candidate for the Northern Grenadines Dr. Godwin Friday has claimed that the Unity Labour Party, (ULP) should be punished for neglecting the Grenadines.

Hoisted onto the platform by his supporters, who cheered, jumped, waved and carried placards, the incumbent representative for the Northern Grenadines claimed victory. Holding a huge wooden key, the symbol of his party, Dr. Friday said, “You see the size of this key? This is the biggest key in the NDP election campaign and you know why? Because this is the constituency where the most licks going to share in the next election.”{{more}}

The event, which was held last Saturday 3 under the Almond Tree in Bequia from 7pm, heard Dr. Friday stating that the ULP had failed to represent the people of the Grenadines.

He pointed to the airport on Bequia as one of the areas which has been neglected, “Rather than trying to make it work, they are trying to find a reason why it could fail.”

He went on to thank Sir James Mitchell, former Prime Minister under whose stewardship the Bequia Airport was built and after whom it was named.

Dr. Friday continued to assert that “if it wasn’t done then, we would never ever get an airport in Bequia. And you know what? If they don’t know how to make it work, vote them out and we go make it work.”

But the man who aroused the crowd was popular host of the New Democratic Party (NDP) radio programme “New Times,” Elwardo Lynch, when he announced that this country’s Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves would be killed.

But Lynch, in his provocative address went ahead to clarify: “Ralph Gonsalves knows he would be killed! It’s no if and buts. I am telling you that is why he came up with this talk about somebody is going to assassinate him.

“Ralph Gonsalves would be a dead man on Election Day. Ralph Gonsalves would be no more on Election Day. You know why? Because you the people have the weapon that would take care of him. You have the weapon that would destroy Ralph Gonsalves and you know what that weapon is? It is not a gun, it is not a dagger, it is not a cutlass, it is no big stone but it’s the X.

“It is the X. You would use that weapon, the X on Election Day, to get rid of Ralph Gonsalves, because the X is the weapon that you would put next to the key, the symbol of the NDP.”

At one point during his delivery and in his over exuberance, Lynch missed his step and fell over the stage. But the crowd broke his fall and in no time he was back at the podium delivering his attack to get rid of the Prime Minister.