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New organization formed in Paget Farm

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The Paget Farm Sports, Cultural and Environmental Organization (P. F. S. C. E. O) has been launched. The non-profit organization seeks to resuscitate dormant sports, transform the environment and rejuvenate the culture of their area.

According to President Raison Compton, the group is made up of fun-loving, friendly, highly motivated, hard working, loyal and committed members from the village of Paget Farm, Bequia.{{more}}

The group notes that there has been a decline in the participation in sports in the area. They hope to address this situation by reintroducing tournaments in various sports and by creating interesting events that will be beneficial to the island and to the youths.

The group is also planning to reinstate the cultural activities of their ancestors by organizing events to enlighten the younger generations of activities that took place in the past and are now becoming extinct.

Also in the pipeline are plans for building the awareness of the community about environmental issues. Currently in progress is a project which entails beautifying the front area of the J. F Mitchell Airport by cutting down the Manchineel trees and planting Flamboyant trees in their places.

With their motto: “Making it possible‚” and with the help of others, they are certain that their aim will be achieved and their island will be transformed to a better one.