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School Books Riding In

School Books Riding In


On Monday, August 22, 2005, three businessmen came together to donate a quantity of school supplies. Creech Wood – Manager of Square Deal Shippers, Leroy “Fly” Edwards of S.V.G. General Services and Isaac Shallow of S.V.G. Tyre Sales presented the items valued at over EC $5000.00 to three members of the Cool Riderz Club, Jacqueline King, Dennis Murray and Audrey Scott.{{more}}

The school supplies include books, pens, pencils and school bags. These will be distributed to school-age children throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines under the Club’s Book Donation program.

A release from the Cool Riderz Club said “the three (3) donors, Creech, Fly and Shallow must be commended for their effort. Often individuals, groups and organizations complain that the corporate community does not respond adequately to calls for assistance. These businessmen have demonstrated that they have taken their civil duty seriously. The members of the Cool Riderz Club wish their businesses success in a time of global economic challenge.”