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KCCU endorses education revolution

KCCU endorses education revolution


Newly elected President of the Kingstown Cooperative Credit Union Edmund Jackson is looking at his Credit Union members’ children as being part of the ‘education revolution.’

Jackson gave an overview of the KCCU’s assistance to members’ children last Tuesday morning. That was when three scholarships for 2005 were handed over. {{more}}The new scholarship holders are Israel Carr, Kiima Roberts, and Tana Martin.

Carr placed third for boys and eighth overall in the recent Common Entrance examination with grades of 92 for Math, 83 English and 75 for General Paper.

Israel, son of Kaykahe Carr, enters the St. Vincent Grammar School in September and will begin to work towards a career as a diagnostic radiologist doctor.

He is encouraging other students to “work and study hard in order to achieve success.”

He thanked the Almighty God “for his mercies, for sparing my life and giving me knowledge.”

Israel, a former Marriaqua Government School student, also thanked his mother Kaykahe, sister Indranie, and brother Vishnu. He did not overlook teachers Brian Jackson, Magdalene Matthews, and Principal Elizabeth Walker.

Kiima Roberts got solidarity from parents Jouvanie and Ted Roberts at the ceremony staged at the KCCU Conference room.

She placed 28th for Girls and 48th overall. Her Grades were 87 for Math, 75 in GP, and 72 in English. A former Kingstown Preparatory School student, Kiima expressed gratitude to the KCCU, and promised to “work to maintain the scholarship.”

Tana Martin enters the Girls High School in September having placed 89th for Girls and 143rd overall. From the interior settlement of Freeland, Tana scored 86 for Math, 74 GP, and 53 in English.

She plans to become a nurse. She was full of gratitude to the KCCU and offered words of encouragement to other students.

I want to urge students to “work hard and be good in the future.”