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GECCU playing big role in education

GECCU playing big role in education


The General Employees Cooperative Credit Union (GECCU) is into its 41st year. One of the planks of its operation has been assistance to secondary school students.

The programme was intensified this week with help to 89 students. Those youngsters begin their secondary education September. {{more}}

Seven of them will be adequately prepared. They have joined a list of GECCU scholarship recipients. The other 82 received bursaries, having passed the Common Entrance.

The scholarship winners are Arian Hazell, Ronneth Miller, Alicia Huggins, Giles Garraway Jr., Dominic Evans, Alroy Harry, and Jaisen Bynoe.

The scholarship winners received certificates and the first tranche of their finance last Wednesday morning.

It will be $1400 for the first three years, and $1600 from forms four to six.

Arian Hazell placed fourth for girls, a spot she shared with Jabarri Jack who was first for boys.

Arian has her eyes on law. Her grades were 98 for Math and 78 for both General Paper and English. She is daughter of Kathleen Glasgow and Vern Hazell.

Ronneth Miller a former Richland Park Primary School student placed eighth for girls and 13th overall. Her grades were 86 for Math, 82 for General Paper, and 80 in English. She plans to be a medical doctor. Ronneth is daughter of Leothone and Carol Miller. Her advice to other students is “work hard and hard work will pay off.” Ronneth wants to play the pan and the piano as well as tennis and netball. She was full of praise to GECCU.

Alicia Huggins placed 12th for Girls and 19th overall. Her grades were 91 for math, 85 for General Paper and 70 for English.

From Golden Vale in East St. George, Huggins urges youngsters to “work hard towards getting a scholarship.” She is daughter of Alfred and Pamela Huggins and expressed pride at having received the GECCU scholarship.

Giles Garraway Jr. is from Edinboro in West Kingstown, son of Giles and Gwenneth Garraway. He had grades of 96 for Math, 74 for English and 64 in General Paper.

He placed 13th for boys and 33rd overall. He felt “good” about his GECCU scholarship and plans to become an engineer.

His advice is “work hard; do your best.”

Dominic Evans had grades of 92 for Math, 78 in General Paper, and 68 for English and placed 15th for boys and 38th overall.

He is son of Franklyn and Cheryl Evans of Glen. He urges others to “work hard and keep on trying.”

He has his eyes on a career as an engineer.

Dominic is a cricket fan and admires West Indies speedster Daryl Powell. He is a member of the Cricket Academy, spearheaded by Neil Williams.

Dominic is a former St. Mary’s Roman Catholic student.

Alroy Harry is from the South Windward district of Calder. He placed 17th for boys and 43rd overall, with grades of 86 for Math, 75 in English and 73 for General Paper. He likes the sea and has enrolled in swimming classes. That will be ideal for him, as Alroy plans to be a Ship navigator. He is son of Albert and Claire Harry.

The other student was away. He tied for the third spot for boys for the GECCU scholarship. He had grades of 96 for Math, 71 for General Paper and 68 in English. Jeison Bynoe is a former Sion Hill Government school student.

GECCU is the biggest Credit Union in St. Vincent and the Grenadines with assets of $90 million. There are 19,000 members, and a staff of 33 including two on the Southern Grenadines branch of Union Island.