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Dr. Gonsalves: Election date coming in ‘style’

Dr. Gonsalves: Election date coming in ‘style’


Vincentians are anxious to hear the election date but Prime Minister Dr.Ralph Gonsalves has promised that the election date will be announced at a gala event.

“Ah know yuh ready to vote,” Dr. Gonsalves told Party faithfuls last Sunday night at Campden Park “but ah tell yuh when we in the ULP do anything, when I ready to announce the date it will be done in style”.{{more}}

“It will be done in style as befitting how this government has functioned. I ain’t gwine jus go on no radio and talk bout it. I ain’t gwine jus come to a simple rally. Yuh ain’t gwine know yet until it happen how we goin do it in style,” said the leader of the ULP.

Prime Minister Dr. Gonsalves has promised to give Arnhim Eustace, leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP) and his supporters headache everyday until the next elections are called.

“Comrades, every single week from now until the elections are called, ah giving Eustace and the NDP more and more headaches every single day,” Dr. Gonsalves chanted.

On the weekend the (ULP) political campaign train continued in full gear making one stop at Campden Park, which was once considered a New Democratic Party stronghold.

Hundreds of Party faithful journeyed from near and far to show support for their candidates in the upcoming general elections.

Dr. Gonsalves, had on the same day returned from Cuba where he had spent the latter part of last week and most of the weekend in discussions with Presidents Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez along with other leaders in the region. He said although he was encouraged to stay on in Cuba he opted to return to St.Vincent and the Grenadines especially for the Campden Park rally.

In a buoyant mood, Dr. Gonsalves said “when Fidel and Chavez tell me that they are going to do the Earth Work costing one hundred and eighty three million dollars for the airport you could put your pot on the fire and it happening”.

Dr. Gonsalves highlighted all that his Party has been delivering to Vincentians since his famous speech on the International Airport for St.Vincent and the Grenadines on August 8. The Prime Minister recalled plans for the airport, the bridge for Rabacca, the title deeds that he handed out to the people of North Leeward, the commissioning of the new Coast Guard, a fire tender and two mobile police stations, and opening of the new police station at Canouan.

“Comrades, I ain’t telling them what coming next week. I ain’t telling them what coming week after and ah bringing them fast and furious,” Dr. Gonsalves promised.

Meanwhile, Dr. Douglas Slater, Area Representative for South Leeward, spoke of all that he had done for his constituency such as the construction of new clinics, the provision of a learning resource and the improvement of roads. He used the opportunity to disclose plans for a housing scheme for his constituency.

“Remember for that to be delivered you have something to do.Vote ULP! Vote Dougie! Vote Rene, Vote Gerald! Vote Louis! Vote Comrade…” said Dr. Slater.