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Basil Charles Foundation gives more scholarships


Six more Vincentian children and their families will be breathing easier as these talented students begin their secondary education with help from the Basil Charles Educational Foundation.

Last week, at Basil’s Bar at Cobblestone in Kingstown, the children and their families gathered to receive their scholarships and bursaries. The three new scholarships, two special scholarships from the Goodluck family and three bursaries bring the total of children currently in the programme to 17.{{more}}

“We received over 50 applications, and as in previous years, it was most difficult to make our choices,” said Basil Charles, Chairman and founder of the Educational Foundation.

“The scholarships are funded through the proceeds of the Mustique Blues Festival at Basil’s Bar. These past two years, we have no longer received help from the Ministry of Tourism, as they have been putting on their own Music Festival during the weeks of the Blues Festival,” Charles added.

“We are grateful to the families who came forward to help fund more students this year, and we look forward to higher than usual CD sales in the coming year.” Charles went on to explain that his friend and long time resident of Mustique and co-founder of the Mustique Educational Trust, Mick Jagger, performed at the Mustique Blues Festival in 2005. There are two songs by Jagger on the CD.

The criteria for successful students is not the highest marks, but the need of the family and the will and commitment of the child.

“There are many children, hungry to better themselves through education whose families simply cannot afford to send them,” explained Charles. “It is these children we seek to find and help.” Over the years, more than 30 children have received help from the Foundation. Each year, those children are monitored in hopes of assuring their success. “It is not easy growing up poor in St. Vincent; the children who succeed despite financial limitations are a precious resource. These are the children who, as adults, will be well equipped to lead our nation in the years to come,” said Charles.

Children receiving scholarship and bursaries for the coming school year include Karla Gellizeau of Edinboro, Michran Springer of Georgetown, Makiyo Fielder of Georgetown. Samantha Fernandez of Calliaqua, Kenroy Williams of Sandy Bay and Samelia James of Georgetown.