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Youreimi-Taiwan Bridge for Dry River

Youreimi-Taiwan Bridge for Dry River


For decades, residents of North Windward have faced nature’s fury when travelling across the Rabacca Dry River. In one instance someone actually lost their life while attempting to cross the river’s rushing waters.

This will soon be the history.

On Monday, August 15, when St.Vincent and the Grenadines and the Republic of China on Taiwan celebrated their 24th anniversary of diplomatic ties, the Asian nation gave this country a gift of US$2 million for the construction of a bridge over the Dry River. The bridge will be named the “Youreimi-Taiwan” bridge. {{more}}Work will commence on the bridge by mid October. The cheque was presented by Taiwan’s Ambassador to St. Vincent and the Grenadines Elizabeth Chu.

Area Representative, Montgomery Daniel, delivering an address at the presentation ceremony at Rabacca, said for many years the travelling public of the North Windward Constituency cried for help.

Daniel noted that the absence of a bridge at the Dry River has been a barrier towards progress and development.

“When this monster is down it disrupts all social and economic activities for those of us who have to cross it. “Many school children miss hours and sometimes days from attending school. Teachers too, they are stuck and cannot attend the classrooms. Other workers particularly those who work in Kingstown, certainly reach to work late or miss work, sometimes for a complete day or many days,” Daniel said, as he spoke of the negative effects which results from the absence of a bridge in the area.

“Sometimes our sick ones trying to reach the nearest hospital for ease and comfort of pain sometimes give up the ghost right at this river,” Daniel remarked.

Daniel before the large gathering, made up mainly of residents from North Windward and North Central Windward, reminded them of an incident that occurred several years ago when a mother of six that resided at Langley Park was washed away by the river’s treacherous waters.

He noted: “When the history books are written they will show that it was the ULP administration that heard the cries of our people. They will show that Dr.Gonsalves understood and cared for the destitute and the Honourable Montgomery Daniel pioneered and brought this bridge under his representation.”

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, in his address praised the late Prime Minister Robert Milton Cato and the late Foreign Affairs Minister Hudson Tannis, for establishing diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

He said the acquisition of finances for the bridge was a direct consequence of the decision taken by these visionary men in 1981.

The Prime Minister disclosed that DLN Consultants of Barbados have done the designs for the bridge and will supervise the work that will be carried out on it. He stated tenders are out for the project. The tendering is due to close on August 22.

Dr. Gonsalves announced that two bridge crossings will be constructed at Rabacca.

The Prime Minister said by building a bridge across the Dry River, there will be a connection of the area south of the river and north of the river which will symbolize the unity of the country.

“This bridge with the two bridge crossings represents a phenomenal respect given to the indigenous peoples of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and their descendants,” said Dr. Gonsalves.

He used the opportunity to personally thank the Republic of China on Taiwan for their contribution.

Other addresses were delivered by Minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Browne and former Minister of Foreign Affairs Louis Straker as well as residents of North Windward.