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Caribbean Discount Card launched in SVG

Caribbean Discount Card launched in SVG


Everyone wants to save money, especially when running a business. With this in mind, 90 Vincentians businesses capitalised on the launch of the Caribbean Discount Card by signing up for it.

At a rainy ceremony that did not dampen the launch held at Roy’s Inn on Saturday, August 13, Chief Executive Officer, Sherwin Peterson admitted that he was told that St.Vincent and the Grenadines would be a “hard nut to crack.” He said he was however determined to let the people get the benefits of the discount card and applauded the 90 Vincentian businesses who have so far signed up.{{more}}

The young business mogul said that his ultimate goal is to have the card in every Caribbean country so that people could get valuable discounts. Peterson in his speech advised that the success of the card would not solely depend on the company, but would also be dependent on the cardholders. He stressed that the Caribbean Discount Card is not around for a quick fix, but would be around for years to come.

In reviewing the success of three countries where 150,000 card holders have signed on, Peterson noted that the card which was launched two-and-a-half years ago in Tobago on a trial basis, was immediately accepted. He said that the Trinidad market was however a bit difficult to penetrate but once that was done, things took off and so far 300 business have been using the card.

Peterson revealed that the St. Lucian market exceeded their expectations and they now have 50,000 cardholders, while Barbados has 5,000.

Local manager of the company, Alicia Sardine Browne also assured card members that they would get value for their money and thanked them for signing up for the card and making the launch a success. She encouraged them to sign up at the company which is operating at the Jaycees headquaters located at Stoney Grounds.

Welcoming the Caribbean Discount Card was President of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Martin Bollers. The president who also delivered a brief feature address, praised the company for helping merchants to save money

and said that the card would be welcomed in the various businesses such as hotels, restaurants, pharmacies, insurance companies and travel agencies. Bollers also expressed appreciation to the newly established company for employing at least 12 persons in their business.

Since the new discount card was launched in March 2003, 150,000 persons from St. Lucia, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago and St.Vincent & the Grenadines have signed on to be members.