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Rotary raffles original painting

Rotary raffles original painting


In an effort to raise funds for the Youlou Arts Summer Programme, the Rotary Club of St. Vincent raffled a one of a kind painting. For three weeks the non-profit organisation solicited business companies and individuals who paid $1-hundred dollars a chance to win the painting made by co-ordinator of the summer programme, Vincentian artist Camille Saunder-Musser. {{more}}

Saunder-Musser said that the inspiration for the painting came when she was in Kingstown and saw a large woman who was a vendor, holding a baby next to a popular supermarket. The artist expressed gratitude with the assistance she received and urged Vincentians to support children learning art.

Rotary Co-ordinator Cecil Mc Kie noted that $3 000 was raised through the raffle over three weeks and Digicel was the lucky company to win the unique piece. He however noted that the original piece would be donated to the School for Children with Special Needs, while Digicel consented have a print of the original. Country Manager of Digicel, Martin Bollers said that he was pleased that his company was the lucky one to win the painting and was more excited to share it with the school with whom they have developed a close relationship.

Teacher at the School for Children with Special Needs, Fred Stay, said that Digicel has helped the students at the institution more than they know. He revealed that many of the deaf and mute have cell phones, with which they communicate through texting, making the many of their lives easier.