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Diamonites celebrate Emancipation


Diamonites community organization held its annual rally and midnight watch in Diamonds Village, on Sunday July 31, at 10:00 p.m. amidst the rain. The theme for the event was “Emancipation: Celebrating our today, embracing our future.”{{more}}

Denniston Douglas delivered the solidarity message on behalf of area representative Selman Walters who, according to a release from Diamonites Community Organisation “could not make it due to illness.”

The rally also saw a cultural presentation by Nzimbu and his drummers. Then, leading up to midnight there was a play entitled “It was a night like this,” which reflected on life in Africa, the capture of the African people, the middle passage, the arrival of the Africans in the west and actual freedom. At midnight there was a minute’s silence while the candles burned in remembrance of our ancestors from Africa.