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Training programme for Vinsave


Seven employees of Vinsave, including five section supervisors, are now participating in a 5-week In-House Training programme which started on June 22 and ran until July 27 2005.

The training was conducted by Janet Davey, one of the four Jamaican Interns participating in the Caribbean Internship Project (CIP).{{more}}

The programme focused on management, supervision and personal development and featured presenters such as Michael Akers, Director of Liberty Lodge Boys’ Training Centre, Joel Providence Manager of Coreas Trading, Hellimah Providence, Owner and Operator of the A & H Child Development Centre, Wendell Paris, Counsellor in the Ministry of Education and Programme Coordinator, Janet Davey.

It covered topics such as the management functions, setting objectives, leadership, motivation, interpersonal communication, conflict, time and stress management.

The training programme was conducted at the request of Vinsave’s Director, Janice Fraser who said, “It is part of Vinsave’s thrust to continue to upgrade the level of our staff so that they will be more effective in their work.” She added that Vinsave will follow up on what has been taught, to ensure that the supervisors apply what they have learnt.”

Cheryl Mercury, a section supervisor at Vinsave and a participant in the workshop said that she has learnt a lot from the training sessions. “I learnt about good management, how to motivate others and the importance of good communication,” she said.

Mercury went on to say, “I learnt that good leadership is about leading by example,” adding that “I plan to apply what I have learnt in my section and hope that others will learn from it.”