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Union Island youth hopes for a miracle

Union Island youth hopes for a miracle


Last year, he thought it was a simple cramp that came on because of the intensity of his running.

But Benjamin Ballantyne soon found out that the cramping in his hip had nothing to do with his pursuit of sporting glory for the “house” he represented at his school sports, but rather symptoms of a greater problem his 15-year-old mind is now constantly confronted with. {{more}}

This Clifton, Union Island lad, who is known as a well mannered, church going, always pleasant young man, is now face to face with a heart defect that had been unknowingly affecting him for all of his young, promising life.

Now an entire island is preparing to martial together to give the financial help which is needed now, and is expected to grow as time goes by, as the various tests are done to ascertain exactly what care is needed for him.

“The doctors say that one of my heart’s valves is too small and it is causing my heart to swell” stated the brave young man. What chilling news for someone who has represented his school, Union Island Secondary with honours in cricket, soccer and athletics.

According to Benjamin he had experienced the occasional blackout and dizziness but never took it seriously before. But now he knows, and surprisingly to many, the young man is mustering faith beyond his years. He continues to pray and ask for prayer support, believing that at one of his expected multiple visits to Barbados for tests, of which he has already had one, they will find the problem to have disappeared miraculously.

This will be perfect and put his life back on the track he envisioned; starting with Form Four in September and later on, a life in the British Army. But as it stands now, in the natural, he is not on his way to school this September, but back to Barbados for more tests as his condition continues to be monitored and diagnosed for possible advanced medical care in the USA.

An emergency account has been set up in his name at the National Commercial Bank, Acc#125654 and help is being sought to cover the financial demands of caring for Benjamin.

If Benjamin has his way though, none of this will be necessary and the prayer of his heart “that they don’t have to cut me” will be answered.