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Police attend training course

Police attend training course


Superintendent of Prisons Eric Rodriquez has indicated that the days are over when officers were chosen for their brutish and muscular disposition. Rodriquez was the featured speaker at the graduating class of Junior Constable and Junior Corporal officers who completed a development-training course recently, at the Old Montrose Training School.{{more}}

Rodriquez stressed that the belief back then in the 1930s and 1940s when someone was admitted into the police force because they got a pull string or had a muscular body are over. He stated that they must however possess good judgement to carry out their work effectively since they have to keep in line with Human Rights Laws.

Rodriquez endorsed the power of reasoning strongly because he said the bad decisions that some officers make not only affects them, but other military persons as well. “I’m embarrassed when others victimise instead of protect the public they have sworn to serve.”

Being frank with the gradaunds, the prisons superintendent predicted that some officers would fall by the way side if a pay cheque was all they wanted. He said officers today must possess the power of reasoning and view their position as not just a simple, since the area of defence and security is vital to any country so that corruption would not be the order of the day. Rodriquez said, “A good officer is candid, and confident enough to confront situations despite ridicule. He or she may not earn a high salary, but they are proud to serve. Good officers are a failing breed. He imitates honesty and is never in corruption.”

Commandant of the Police Training School, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Artis Davis said as the population grows, so too does the crime. He admitted that negative elements are one step ahead in areas like kidnapping and Internet fraud, but the local police would fight vigorously to keep them in check.

Commissioner of police, William Harry praised the local training division and urged the gradaunds not to take their knowledge for granted. He said that too many times local training is thought of as sub-standard.

Top student of the class was PC 328 Colin May who encouraged his fellow officers to work hand in hand to combat crime. A total of 50 officers completed the courses from March 7 to April 24.