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Neil excited over Diamond home

Neil excited over Diamond home


Neil Woodley, a 23-year-old employee at the St. Vincent Brewery, suppressed his feelings in subtle ways last Tuesday evening. But there was an underlying sentiment of jubilation.

He was one of 32 persons to receive keys to new houses at Diamond and declared: “I am very excited.” {{more}}

“Long time I have been trying to get something of my own,” he went on. Up to Tuesday, Woodley was Mommy’s boy. “I live with my mother and father,” Woodley declared.

He heard about the Housing project from someone else who encouraged him to apply.

“A friend told me. I say, it will be better.” Woodley declared.

He plans to settle into his new residence by September though he recognises that there are some teething matters to attend to. When he has furnished the property and completed some minor matters, everything ought to be ideal for him.

Woodley’s mother Vanessa Culzac shared the moment of ecstasy with her son. She considered it a prayer answered.

“I can’t tell you,” was the response when asked about her feeling on the new development.

“I pray a thousand times. I just glad he got the house. Everything go (will) work out good and straight,” Culzac said.

Woodley was one of 32 persons who received keys to new homes that day. The project overlooking the area of the proposed National Stadium was built at a cost of $3.1 million.

Eight more structures are expected to be built at that site making a total of 40 on that compound.