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Housing relocation may hold up airport project


Relocating 110 families surrounding the site of the proposed airport at Argyle may be one factor hindering the works. This was pointed out last Tuesday by National Security Minister, Sir Vincent Beache, who also has responsibility for airport development. He was speaking at the handing over of keys to 32 homeowners at Diamond. Sir Vincent was projecting on the fulfillment of the Argyle airport project. He is the parliamentary representative for South Windward in which both the Diamond Housing Project and the proposed airport construction are located.{{more}}

Sir Vincent beamed with satisfaction as he outlined accomplishments of his Unity Labour Party. He referred to the 2001 party manifesto, and alluded to his party’s promise to create facilities aimed at improving the standard of living.

Sir Vincent praised the completion of the new set of houses at Diamond and described South Windward as the “most progressive” constituency in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

He would have liked to have more houses built at Diamond, but he outlined the need for schools, clinics, churches, and Police stations.