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Calypso monarch collects trophy

Calypso monarch collects trophy


Reigning Calypso Monarch Glenroy “Sulle” Caesar is proud of the calypso art form and is confident that it would grow.

In a recent interview with the Searchlight Newspaper, the calypsonian who has been singing for 25 years with the Graduates Calypso tent, said that the society “should not divorce Soca artistes from calypso.” {{more}}

Sulle said areas such as Raga Soca and Soca are just different classes of calypso and over the five years the music coming out from this country has been exceptional. He however noted that the necessary mechanism to develop the artistes must be in place to develop their talent so that they could reach international standards.

The calypso monarch said that this was evident in the Junior Calypso competition where the youngsters displayed this ability to go further.

He said contestants in the Miss SVG pageant vie for a scholarship, and Calypsonians need similar rewards. “Calypsonians don’t even get a trip to perform in a different Caribbean island. We hardly get any airplay in our own country. I am the calypso monarch and I hardly hear my song on the radio, much less for the other calypsonians. We need to appreciate more of our classic calypso.

“This is where we have alot of positive messages for the youth. But the music being played encourages illicit sex and gang violence, but we wonder why the young people are behaving the way they are?” Sulle received his trophy from the St. Vincent Brewery on Monday, July 25, after it’s arrival was delayed.