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Kingstown running out of parking space

Kingstown running out of parking space


Kingstown is running out of parking spaces, and the situation is likely to get worse. That is, unless steps are taken to reduce the number of vehicles coming into town, or to establish more parking lots in and around the city.

The situation has come to a head not only because of the over 1300 new vehicles that enter the country each year, but also because Government intends to clamp down on illegal parking in Kingstown.{{more}}

In the House of Assembly last month, Minister of National Security, Sir Vincent Beache made clear Government’s intention to start implementing a ticketing system, which will be supported by clamping and towing of illegally parked vehicles.

Since it does not seem likely that we are going to reduce the number of vehicles coming into the town in the near future, our only option seems to be the provision of parking lots.

The Chamber of Industry and Commerce is one entity that has proved that such businesses can be profitable. In 2000, when they announced their intention to turn the then free “red dirt” parking area adjacent to the Financial Complex into a “paid parking” lot, many scoffed at the idea.

“Pay to park, never. This is St. Vincent,” the skeptical said.

The Chamber proved that their projections were correct. Their Kingstown parking lot operates at its 150 car capacity at most times of the day. The $2.00 per hour rate which many initially said was outside the reach of most Vincentian pockets allowed them to repay the persons who had invested in the project by the end of 2004, with 8% interest.

There are currently approximately 20,000 vehicles on the road in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and at least six pay to park lots between Kingstown and Arnos Vale.